Collaboration with MONA

Hello to all of you my readers and finally hello to the summer 😊. Today, this month, and this summer everything is in the sign of fashion house Mona. It is a great pleasure to present to you the collaboration I had during the past month with one of the best and biggest fashion houses in the region – Mona – and with a great delight with my bigger sister, the most stylish girl I know – BonjourJR 😊

Whether it is boho style for those who love to play with fashion, a trendy casual for younger or for those a little bit older unique ‘Mediterranean’ or rather ‘Italian’ look that highlights women’s beauties, the choice is yours...and it was on us to present you these styles in a proper way. Radojicic sisters, with a smile, Belgrade charm, street style photos and modern fashion pieces signed by Mona, gave their best to help you with that choice.

Enjoy as we did 😊

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Until next time,


Outfit 1
White Dress: Mona
Outfit 2
Dress: Mona
Skirt: Mona
Bag: Mona
Outfit 3
Red Dress: Mona
Bag: Mona
Outfit 4
Dress: Mona
Trousers & Blouse: Mona
Bags: Mona
Outfit 5
Shirt: Mona
White top: Mona
Bag: Mona


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